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Columbus Ohio Garnishment Attorneys

Wage Garnishment and Income Garnishment Lawyers

What is a garnishment?  Why are they able to take money out of my paycheck and how can I put a stop to this?  Don't they realize I'm already having a hard time paying my bills, and now I don't even have control over my own money?

The court can order your employer to withhold as much as 25% of your net paycheck to pay a creditor who has successfully obtained a judgement against you in a lawsuit.  This is known as a wage garnishment.  Usually, after obtaining the judgement a creditor will send a "15 day letter" asking for payment and threatening garnishment.  Is it possible to put a stop to the garnishment and avoid the embarrassment of involving your employer?  Are they already taking money out of your paycheck to pay a garnishment? Yes it is possible to stop garnishments or to prevent your employer from finding out in the first place, but you must contact us.

At Nobile & Thompson we have more than 40 years combined experience working with people experiencing financial challenges in Columbus and Central Ohio.  We understand that a garnishment is just one piece of the puzzle.  You have probably been dealing with harassment from many creditors, and you may be feeling overwhelmed.  We can help to eliminate your worries, and realize that there are probably other issues which have brought you to this point, including:

Contact Lawyers Who Can Put a Stop To Your Garnishment Right Away

Its time to put a stop to your struggle, and to speak with someone who understands what you've been going through, who will listen and simply help you to work through your options.  Call us today at 866.488.3044, 614.503.4497 or contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.  We are ready to help you to put a stop to the garnishment, to harassing calls from other creditors, and to restore some peace and control to your financial and personal life.  Get ready to feel Okay!

Both of our offices are conveniently located right off I-270 and easily accessible using public transportation. Our Hilliard office is located right off of the Cemetery Road Exit on COTA Bus Line #84 and our Reynoldsburg office is located right off the Main Street Exit on COTA Bus Line #2.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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James E. Nobile and Matthew J. Thompson are former Creditor Bankruptcy attorneys who would rather represent the consumers than the creditors, so they changed sides!

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